Back to School Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Pediatric Dentist Jacksonville FLThe month of August has arrived, which means the kids are going back to school. As a parent, you are thrilled to have your little one moving up another grade and getting back to a daily routine you can easily follow. With all this excitement, you should not let your little one stop taking care of their smile. Check out some helpful ideas for keeping your child’s mouth healthy below.

Brush Teeth Morning & Evening

Before rushing off to school, make sure your child brushes their teeth thoroughly for at least two minutes. This will start their morning off with a fresh, clean smile to greet their friends. They should also be brushing for another two minutes before bedtime.

Healthy Snacks & Lunches

If you are packing your child’s lunch, then you should fill it with healthy snacks that are good for their teeth. Many sugary snacks can stick to your child’s teeth, which leads to cavities and those are never fun. When your child gets home, you should have additional healthy snacks for them to choose from, so they cannot make a bad choice.

No Chewing on Pencils

While focusing on school projects or class lessons, it is common for children to chew on pencils, but this can be harmful to their teeth. Chewing on objects can cause teeth to chip or other types of tooth damage.

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How To Help Your Child Eat Healthier

Growing children need lots of vitamins and nutrients to keep them healthy. When a child eats healthier, their body and their mouth benefit from nutritional foods. We understand that children have a sweet tooth, but if children eat a lot of sugary foods and snacks, it can lead to tooth decay and cavities. To help your child enjoy eating healthier, we have included some tips below for you to try. Every child is unique, so do what works best for your family.Kids Dentist Jacksonville

Children Learn From You

Leading by example is an exceptional way for your children to learn healthy eating habits.

Cook Together

Another way to learn that healthy food is delicious is to help participate in preparing dinner for the whole family. You can give simple tasks to your child for them to complete and that way they are involved in the process. After everything is cooked, they will be happy to eat what they have created with a parent.

Fun Recipes

Children often do not want to eat something because of how it looks on the plate in front of them. One way around this is to cook fun recipes that involve some of their favorite foods. You could also place it on their plate in a way that is appetizing to all.

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When Does Your Child Need to Visit the Dentist?

Pediatric Dentist Jacksonville FLKnowing when to take your child to the dentist is a crucial part of their oral health.  Check out a few times you need to schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, on behalf of your child below.


Children are always active, whether they are playing sports or on an outdoor adventure with their friends. However, dental emergencies can arise when you least expect it. Our team can assist with a bitten lip or tongue, a knocked-out tooth, chipped tooth, and a broken jaw. We can even help with orthodontic emergencies such as a loose bracket and broken wire.

Before Their First Birthday

We strongly believe children should have their first checkup early that we offer FREE dental exams for children under 18 months old. By scheduling your child’s first dental appointment so early, you can have peace of mind knowing their teeth are growing correctly.

Every Six Months

Once your child has their first dental visit, they should start being seen by a dentist every six months, just like adults. It is crucial to have these dental checkups to make sure your little one’s teeth are growing correctly and they do not have any cavities.

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Dental Services We Offer

When you are searching for a St. Johns County pediatric dentist for your child, turn to Weaver & Stratton Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. Check out some of the services we provide below, so your child can enjoy having a healthy mouth.St Johns County Pediatric Dentist

Comprehensive Exams

You should bring your child in every six months for a checkup because our dental team can spot minor dental issues before it becomes something serious. Plus, your child will receive a dental cleaning every time they visit, so their mouth will feel fresh and clean.

Dental Fillings

To prevent tooth decay from spreading, it is imperative that your child has fillings even if the cavities are not in their permanent teeth.


If your child is ready for braces, you do not have to find another place to take your child because we have orthodontists at our office who can help straighten your little one’s teeth. Not only is this convenient for you, but your child will feel comfortable coming in for a visit because they have been to our office before.

Review our other dental services by browsing our website. To schedule an appointment for your child, please call our office at (904) 264-KIDS right now. We have two separate locations to make it easier for you to visit our staff. We are located in Orange Park and Julington Creek.

3 Ways to Keep Your Child Healthy This Summer

Pediatric Dentist Jacksonville FLDuring the summer, your child is most likely not following their regular routine because they are at a friend’s house or staying at home with older siblings.

Exercise- In Florida, the summer temperatures can reach high temperatures, which means your child is spending a lot of time inside where it is cooler. It is essential for your growing child to still get daily exercise to stay healthy. Staying active during the summer is important instead of spending days watching television. When your child does go outside, make sure they are hydrated and safe.

Healthy Meals- During the summer children typically eat more junk food because they are at home. Leaving healthy snacks for them is an excellent way to ensure they are eating healthy.

Brushing & Flossing Teeth- As a parent, you want your child to grow big and strong which is why eating healthy and exercising is crucial. Do not let your child forget how important dental health is to their overall health. Help your child stick to their brushing and flossing schedule this summer.

Scheduling a visit with a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, is crucial to do at least twice a year for your child. Check out appointment availability by calling (904) 264-KIDS right now.

Can Children Get Gingivitis?

St Johns County Pediatric DentistThe short answer is YES children can develop gingivitis. When a child or an adult does not have a proper dental routine, it can lead to gum disease. Lack of brushing and flossing causes plaque to build up in the mouth, which causes decay. Luckily, gum disease is preventable by brushing and flossing every day, so we encourage you and your children to maintain your daily dental routine.

For a more thorough description of what gum disease looks like for children and to learn about the treatments, keep reading below.

Signs Your Child has Gum Disease

The symptoms are very similar to the ones adults get which includes sensitive gums, bad breath, and often bloody gums. It could be more severe if the gums are starting to recede or ulcers are present in the mouth.


We recommend scheduling a dental appointment with our St. Johns County pediatric dentist as soon as possible if you suspect your child has gingivitis, so we can develop a treatment plan for your little one. Our team will provide you with in-depth details if your child has developed gingivitis.

Schedule an appointment immediately with a St. Johns County pediatric dentist by calling (904) 264-KIDS today.

Help Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy During the Summer

Kids Dentist JacksonvilleSummer vacation is approaching quickly for your children, which means your children will be busy having fun with friends and enjoying the warm weather. However, without a routine to follow, your child could be at risk of cavities from not brushing their teeth as often and eating more sugary snacks. Discover how these two things can put your child’s healthy teeth at risk.

Sticking to Brushing Schedule- When children are out of school during the summer, they are spending time swimming, hanging out with friends, and other exciting activities. With this busy schedule, it can be difficult for your child to remember to brush and floss their teeth like their normal routine.

Cut Out Sugary Snacks- Reducing the number of sugary snacks and drinks your kiddos consumes will help protect their teeth. The additional sugars can lead to cavities and tooth decay. Try prepping some ready-made bags, with healthier options, the weekend or evenings before to help navigate healthier choices! In a previous post, we discussed other snack alternatives to give to your children instead of sugary snacks.

Reminding your child to brush and floss their teeth on a daily basis and to choose healthier snacks can help keep their mouth healthy and free from cavities. For additional tips or to schedule a dental appointment for your child, you can give your kid’s dentist in Jacksonville a call at (904) 264-KIDS today.

Healthy Snacks for Children This Summer

Now that it is officially May, your children should be getting out of school for summer break. We want to help you think ahead for some healthier snack options to give your children that will not harm their teeth this summer. Listed below are just a couple of healthy snacks you can pick up while you are grocery shopping.Pediatric Dentist Jacksonville FL

Snack on Cubes of Cheese-Eating cheese helps produce more saliva in your mouth which is great for keeping it clean. Plus, cubes of cheese are fun to eat and can easily be prepared ahead of time.

Apples- The texture of apples are great for getting rid of bacteria that are already on the teeth and stimulating gums. Apples are also filled with nutrients that are great for growing children.

Watermelon- When you think of favorite foods to eat during the summer, watermelon probably crosses your mind. Not only is it delicious, but it is great for teeth because it is packed with antioxidants that help fight off tooth decay.

Now you can keep your children and their teeth healthy by giving them tasty snacks all summer long. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have regarding your child’s teeth. Contact a pediatric dentist in Jacksonville, FL, to book a dental appointment for your child by calling (904) 264-KIDS today.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay in Toddlers

emergency dentist Jacksonville FLTooth decay does affect adults. Toddlers and children can also be affected, and nearly 28% of children between the ages of two and five will develop at least one cavity. Tooth decay in toddlers occurs when the bacteria in their mouth begin to eat away at their teeth and can be caused by something as simple as an improper oral care routine.

Below are a few ways you can prevent tooth decay in your toddler.

  • Don’t let them go to bed with a bottle: If you have to give your child a drink before bed or to help them go to sleep, be sure to stick to only water. Milk or juice from a bottle can stay in a child’s mouth all night, which creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.
  • Brush and floss daily: Make sure you are brushing and flossing your child’s teeth regularly. Use a soft-bristled brush and kid-friendly toothpaste.
  • Visit your dentist often: Your child should have their first dental appointment before their first birthday, so your toddler should have already been to the dentist at least once or twice. Keeping up with dental visits will ensure that your child’s oral health is in excellent condition and they will help you work through any issues that come up.

If you are worried that your child has a cavity or is experiencing tooth decay, schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist in Jacksonville, FL. They will be able to check your child’s teeth and instruct you on any next steps that need to be taken.

The Effects of Teeth Grinding in Children

emergency dentist Orange Park FLAs a parent, you may look into your child’s bedroom to check on them while sleeping only to come across an odd noise. This strange sound is the result of your child grinding their teeth together in their sleep. Bruxism will occur in about 30% of children and can be caused by numerous reasons, such as stress, misaligned bites, or other more serious medical conditions.

Short-term effects of teeth grinding can be a good indicator of whether or not the child is dealing with Bruxism. Your child may wake up with a headache or pain around the ear due to the pressure placed on the jaw overnight. Grinding can also cause wear and tear on the tooth enamel, resulting in painful chewing or increased sensitivity.

If Bruxism continues, long-term effects can be more severe. Significant damage can occur to the teeth, such as chipping, flattening, or fracturing. There is also the chance of your child developing TMJ, which will cause further pain in the jaw, making it challenging to chew or open their mouth. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this long-term damage from occurring.

Your dentist can prescribe a mouth guard that can be worn at night to protect your child’s teeth. If the grinding is related to stress, you can work on finding ways to help your child relax. This can involve reading together before bed, relaxation exercises, or even work with a therapist if the anxiety is severe.

If you find your child is grinding their teeth at night, be sure to call your emergency dentist in Orange Park, FL. We will help you determine the potential cause, as well as any damage that may have already been done to the teeth.